Stop Sign Violation in Alexandria – Virginia

Va. Code § 46.2-833: Failing to Follow Traffic Lights in Virginia

This Code of Virginia is related to the traffic light violations that occur when:

  1. They are not making a full stop, or run through a stop sign,
  2. Failing to stay on the blinking red and yellow lights
  3. Running through a red light
  4. Not stopping before or at the crosswalk at an intersection (limit line)

As per the clauses defined by this Code of Virginia, any Alexandria – Virginian citizen caught failing to, or in violation of set traffic laws as per this section will be taken for committing a traffic infraction. The offender will be held for a penalty fine of $350 for committing this offense.

What is the Fine for Running a Stop Sign in Alexandria – Virginia?

Any Alexandria – Virginian citizen found in violation of following the stop sign law, the state of Virginia’s Commonwealth will treat this violation as a traffic infraction.  Even though most guilty motorists are fined a ticket for $88 in violation of the stop sign, the most an offender can be fined is $250.

Not only that, the offender’s driving record will show an accumulation of demerit points if found guilty. If a driver’s record shows too many demerit points, their license is most likely to be suspended by the relevant law enforcement authorities. On the other hand, the state of Virginia has the power and authority to place a deduction of a five-point on all those eligible motorists who have completed their required driver improvement clinic.

Based on the offender’s case and situation, a stop sign violation turn into a serious and grave offense. It can also be taken for a conviction of reckless driving. If any Alexandria – Virginian driver happens to ignore and run a stop sign that results in the death of a person and is also found on drugs or high on alcohol, that driver will be held accountable for the charges of vehicular manslaughter.

Involve Your Alexandria – Virginian Lawyer and Get Help in Clearing Your Traffic Ticket Violation

Even though traffic infractions are taken as minor offenses, any Alexandria – Virginian driver’s driving record showing a large number of offenses and violations will most likely have to pay for a higher insurance rate.  Not just that, the relevant law enforcement authorities will suspend or revoke the offender’s driver’s license.

Any Virginian driver’ driving record showing a history of traffic violations will face a rough time dealing with any future traffic charges.  An experienced and capable Virginian lawyer at your side will know and guide you on how all your traffic-related charges must be dealt with. You must be well aware of all your options on how to tackle your offenses. Your lawyer will make sure you are.

If you have been placed for stop sign violation charges of driving, do not try to handle your case without the help of your skilled Virginian attorney. Your attorney will be there to fight your case and result in it a favorable outcome for yourself.