Maryland Stalking and Harassment Lawyer

Maryland Stalking Laws

Stalking and provocation are not kidding accusations in Maryland, and convey offense punishments with fines extending from $300.00 to $5,000.00, and in addition detainment terms going from 90 days to five years, contingent upon the nature and seriousness of the supposed wrongdoing. Provocation and stalking charges are frequently exceedingly abstract and boil down to strange declaration from the respondent against the offended party. With the end goal to secure your rights and demonstrate your guiltlessness, your most shrewd strategy is to contract an accomplished Maryland stalking legal counselor with a solid reputation of progress and inside and out information of provocation and stalking laws as they apply inside the province of Maryland. En Español.

Maryland Harassment and Stalking Law

Badgering and stalking are viewed as criminal offenses in Maryland, and are dealt with by laws separate from those that relate to comparable violations, for example, blackmail and making dangers. Both stalking and provocation are secured by Title 3, Subtitle 8 of the Maryland Criminal Law code, with different codes inside this segment relating to the meanings of stalking and badgering, and in addition their related punishments. Wrongdoings firmly associated with stalking, for example, observation and different violations against security, are secured by Title 3, Subtitle 9 of the Maryland criminal law code. In case you’re accused of any of these violations, you could confront a wrongdoing conviction and in addition a correctional facility sentence of up to five years and fines of up to $5,000.00. A prepared Maryland stalking attorney can battle these charges, looking at each detail of your case to fabricate solid protection.


Stalking, secured by Maryland Criminal Law Code § 3-802, is characterized as over and over seeking after or moving toward another person with the goal of putting that individual in sensible dread of:

Genuine real damage

Ambush in any shape

Assault or some other sort of sexual offense characterized in criminal codes § 3-303 through § 3-308

Hijacking or some other kind of false detainment


  • 3-802(b) characterizes the sorts of practices that are not viewed as stalking in Maryland. They incorporate moves made to guarantee consistence with a request of the court, to do a lawful business reason, or those generally approved, secured or required by law.

In case you’re discovered liable of stalking in Maryland, you could confront an offense conviction and additionally a fine not to surpass $5,000, a jail sentence not to surpass five years or both. This sentence can run simultaneous or sequential to a sentence for another wrongdoing dependent on the conditions of your case and the judgment of the court.


Provocation, secured by state code § 3-803, is characterized as following another person in or around an open place, or malignantly captivating in rehashed conduct that truly irritates or cautions another person:

With the aim to disturb, alert or badger

Subsequent to being sensibly asked for or cautioned to stop the conduct by the individual or somebody following up for the benefit of the person

With no legitimate reason

  • 3-803(b) gives an exemption to the expressed meaning of provocation. On the off chance that you participate in serene action with the expectation of giving data to other people or communicating a political view, you can’t be accused of badgering.

The punishments related with a badgering conviction incorporate an offense, a fine of up to $500.00 and a prison sentence of up to 90 days. Recidivists are liable to a fine of up to $1,000.00 and a correctional facility sentence of up to 180 days. Procuring a legitimate Maryland stalking protection lawyer will give you the most ideal possibility of having a positive result in court.

Abuse of Telephone Facilities and Equipment

Abuse of phone, secured by state code § 3-804, is viewed as wrongdoing in Maryland and is characterized as utilizing phone hardware to make:

A solitary mysterious call with the aim of humiliating, irritating, tormenting, mishandling or irritating another person

Rehashed calls with similar expectations

A call that incorporates a revolting, licentious, salacious or foul proposition, recommendation, demand or remark

People discovered blameworthy of abuse of a phone in Maryland are liable to a wrongdoing punishment, according to code § 3-804(b), and a fine not to surpass $500.00 and a correctional facility term not to surpass three years. These sorts of wrongdoings are frequently very abstract, which is the reason it’s so vital to have an accomplished Maryland stalking attorney close by all through the procedure.

Abuse of Electronic Mail

Abuse of electronic mail, secured by state code § 3-805, is characterized as correspondence or the transmission of data using any electronic gadget, for example, a PC, mobile phone or tablet PC, to a man with a one of a kind location with the expectation of hassling at least one people, or to badger by sending profane, obscene or prurient materials.

As indicated by state code § 3-805(d), people are absolved from infringement in the event that they send email as a major aspect of a serene movement with the aim of giving data to or offering political perspectives to other people.

The punishment related to abuse of electronic mail conviction is an offense, a fine of up to $500 and a prison term of up to 1 year.

  • 3-805.1 relates to spam discouragement and the sending of business messages to extensive gatherings of individuals with the goal of badgering or deceiving. Contingent upon the specifics of the case, conviction can prompt an offense and fines of up to $10,000.00 and five years in prison, or up to 10 years in jail and a fine of $25,000.00 if the email spam is dispersed in the commission of a lawful offense.

Abuse of Laser Pointer

Abuse of a laser pointer, as secured by state code § 3-806, is characterized as the utilization of a laser pointer to intentionally light up another person in an open place in a way that imperils or pesters that individual. A laser pointer is characterized as a gadget that emanates light intensified by the animated discharge of radiation, obvious to the human eye.

Certain exercises are absolved from this law. In case you’re utilizing the laser pointer amid the ordinary course of exchange or work exercises, or in case you’re utilizing it for instructive purposes while occupied with an instructional course or composed gathering, you can’t be accused of abuse of a laser pointer.

Upon conviction, the punishments related with abuse of a laser pointer incorporate wrongdoing and a fine of up to $500.00.

Assistance From a Maryland Stalking Lawyer

In the event that you’ve been accused of any violations identified with stalking or badgering in Maryland, a qualified, authorized Maryland resistance lawyer can help. He or she will inspect each novel part of your case with the end goal to make a solid guard that ensures your protected rights and uses each accessible lawful asset to battle for your honesty and the rejection or bringing down of your charges. With the help of a Maryland stalking legal advisor, you’ll have the most ideal shot of getting the greatest result conceivable upon the arrival of your preliminary.