Loudoun Virginia Arson Laws

What is Arson?

Arson is referred to the criminal act of deliberately burning or charring a property. In accordance with the Loudon Virginia Arson laws, several types of criminal activities come in the category of arson crime like burning someone’s property with the intent of fraud to collect insurance money. A person is convicted of arson crime if he or she is involved in the damage of building or even if they set fire to forestland or boat. The accused can be charged typically with felony or misdemeanor.

Penalties Charged on the Offender:

In Virginia, arson is divided into a number of degrees. These degrees depend on the value of the property, on its use and whether the crime was committed in day or at night. The penalties that are charged on the violation of Loudon Virginia Arson laws also depends on the intensity of the crime committed and age of the culprit. It is considered as a serious crime. Mostly, it is classified as a felony, punishable by either jail sentence or death. Many jurisdictions impose different penalties, which depend on the criminal intent of the accused, i.e., the crime either was committed intentionally or was done recklessly. The penalty charged can be more severe if the offender endangers the life of another person. Three types of degrees can be charged on the accused as stated in the Loudon Virginia arson laws, which are:

  • First-Degree Arson: If the culprit fires an occupied structure such as school
  • Second-Degree Arson: If the accused is involved in setting fire an unoccupied building like an empty barn
  • Third-Degree Arson: If the offender is involved in burning of an abandoned building or abandoned the area, like a field

Court Proceedings:

Arson is investigated by the elite law enforcement units and officials with the most advanced technology like advanced chemical analyses to locate the point of origin of a fire. To fully investigate the case, law enforcement agencies can take months or even years. They look for the motivation that is behind the crime. In the Loudon Virginia arson laws, domestic violence cases can also be stated under this category like murder and criminal activity for financial gain. The jury can charge the accused with probation to 20 years or more in jail if the evidence gathered by the law enforcement units are strong enough to prove the alleged a criminal.

Defending against the criminal charges can be nerve-racking, but it would be wise to contact a skilled defense attorney. They can help the individuals to understand the complexity of Loudon Virginia arson laws. Furthermore, they can strategically project a comprehensive defense plan, which can set their client free. They legally assist their users to reduce or even dismiss the penalties that are charged on them. These lawyers collect sufficient evidence that can help them to defend their clients. Several legal firms recruit defense lawyers, providing easy access to their users. A person is convicted of arson crime if he or she is involved in the damage of building or even if they set fire to forestland or boat.