Hanover Virginia Protective Orders Laws

In Hanover Virginia, a protective order is a legal document that a judge or a magistrate of a court issued to protect you’re your family or your children from some other person who is harming or hurting yourself or may become a cause of fear or harassment. This order will help you to protect and to set some limitations for the persons who are becoming the cause of harm and send some strong messages that tell that their behavior is wrong with you. The person who is facing any act like that can demand this order that is a legal remedy for the victim. It is basically designed to save you from future domestic violence, harm, threats or any swear harms that may become the cause of injury or death. You can even claim for the criminal charges. Protective order laws will help you to deal with all of these activities.

Eligibility To Ask For Protective Order In Hanover Virginia:

There are the differences eligibilities for which the person can ask for the protective order. The victim has been facing the threats of domestic violence that may become a cause of bodily injury, sexually assault or death due to fear. It also means that if someone hit, pushed, kicked, burned, punched, bitten, shoved, restrained you forcefully, given threats with gun, cut with any kind of object, or many other things that may become a cause of injury in your body parts. In this type of situations, the victim can demand the protective order.

Where The Person Need To Request For Protective Order In Hanover Virginia:

The Protective order laws are designed to protect the people who are being abused by anyone. If you are going through this situation then you can obtain the protective order directly or by hiring a lawyer. But where you request for this order is dependent on your relationship type with the abuser. If you have any family or household relationship with the abuser then you can obtain the family abused protective order and the request for this purpose can be made in the court of Juvenile and Domestic Relations. And the other general requests start with the General district court of Virginia.

Who Is The Family Member?

The person who is abusing you from your family can be

  • Your Partner (Husband Or Wife)
  • A Former Spouse
  • The person you live with
  • Boyfriend Or Girlfriend
  • Your Parents
  • Your Sister Or Brother
  • Grandparents
  • Children

If these persons are abusing you continuously you can then you can obtain the family abusing protective order from a court.

Three Types Of Protective Order:

There are three types of protective order in Hanover Virginia

  1. Emergency Protective Order:

This order is requested by the police officers if the officer thinks that there is a chance of further abuse in future. The time period for this order is 72 hours or it can be until the court meets.

  1. Preliminary Protective Order:

This order is issued by the judge when there is a further chance of abusing but there is no time for hearing with both parties. It lasts for 15 days.

  1. Permanent Protective Order:

This order is issued when there is enough evidence of threats and both parties will present at court. It lasts for more than 2 years.