Criminal Justice Attorney Alexandria, VA

If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense in Alexandria, VA, then you are likely facing extensive jail time; trouble keeping or getting a job or security approval; Difficulties with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) if you are criminal or not a resident of the United States, with the possibility of expulsion; paying a large fine; and more if you are sentenced. In case have been accused with a crime in Alexandria, VA you need an Alexandria, VA criminal justice attorney to protect your future.

You can’t perhaps be anticipated to handle an accusation that you committed a crime without expert legal support. Because your worries are on verge, it’s best to leave your case in the hands of knowledgeable– someone who stay cool, calm, and composed will even while you might not be. In other words, you require an Alexandria, VA criminal justice attorney that has the understanding needed to fight for your rights.

You can be assured that you will be provided an honest and straightforward assessment of your case, as well as options and selections made available to you. We do not make unrealistic promises only to draw back later. We know that you are facing tough legal concerns, and we are dedicated to litigating on your behalf.

Criminal vs. Civil Law

There are two types of laws in the United States, civil and criminal. In both cases, there is an accuser who initiates the complaint, and an offender who defends against the complaint. Some complaints might have both criminal and civil constituent.

In a civil case, the accuser, or aggrieved party, is obliged to show proof representing that, more possible than not, there was a defilement of civil law. While some civil cases are decided by a jury, most are decided by a judge. Possible penalties in a civil case might include financial damages or orders from the court to do or stop doing something.

In a criminal case charged in Alexandria, VA, the accuser is the government, as crimes are observed as crimes against the state. The offender is the individual accused of committing the crime.

If you are facing criminal charges, hiring a skilled criminal justice attorney in Alexandria is the best way to confirm you’ll be well characterized in court. Don’t be frightened to ask questions and make sure you understand your privileges throughout the criminal defense process.