Sex Crimes in VA explained by a lawyer

In the world we live in, we often hear about sex crimes and learn that there are a lot of heavy penalties that are often meted out to people that have committed them. However, there are probably going to be a lot of questions you might have about this sort of thing simply because of … Read more


People caught in the act of sexting or distributing nude photos of children or minors of ages 16 and below are punished by the state of Maryland however they are tried and convicted under the heading of their child pornography laws. The state does not have its own legislation unlike many others who do however … Read more

VA DUI First Offense Penalties

The first offense is generally pretty severe, and leads to a lot of problems in your life. The first offence can lead to an automatic revocation of your license, so it’s very important that you get in touch with an experienced professional. You won’t be able to drive your car at all, and this could … Read more

VA dmv administrative license suspension

If you are caught making a first offence, you are going to face an automatic suspension of your administrative license. You have to make sure that you contact someone who has experience in this field to guide you about what needs to be done. The circumstances vary depending upon where you are caught, as well … Read more


Crimes that involve a minor being sexually abused are prosecuted very harshly in the state of Virginia. If an individual is by chance, charged with a sex crime against a child then he or she may very well say goodbye to positive public opinion. Child molestation or solicitation of a minor or any other crime … Read more


Fast pace technology and the World Wide Web have made access to any and all information as easy as a click away. The authenticity and legality of viewing these images often becomes a laughing matter; for even the most serious of cases. One such case is that of child pornography. Simply defined as the digital … Read more

Sex Crimes Defense in VA

If you are being prosecuted for a crime, you are probably going to be desperate for some kind of relief. Indeed, in a situation like this any help at all is probably going to be greatly appreciated. However, if the crime you are being charged with is a sex crime, then you are probably going … Read more

preliminary protective order VA

The preliminary protective order VA lasts for up to 15 days until the full hearing is held. Obviously, you need to hire an experienced lawyer to find out whether the case is going to be resolved or not. The preliminary protective order needs to be fixed by an experienced attorney, so you have to make … Read more

Possession of Theft Items Defense Attorneys In Virginia

Everybody enjoys getting a decent arrangement, yet what you may not understand is that in the event that you get property somehow and you know the things weren’t gotten lawfully, at that point you will be rebuffed similarly as extremely as the individual who stole these products. The law considers mindful any individual who intentionally … Read more

Possession of Child Pornography Law in Virginia

Pornography is a crime in all states of the U.S, which includes Virginia as well. Talking about child pornography, it is a very serious offense in Virginia. That includes the production of child pornography, possession of child pornography and distribution of it. Although, all three categories have different penalties and all are very harsh, which … Read more