Illegal Gambling Laws Virginia Maryland Massachusetts

Profiting from gambling activity is illegal in Virginia, Maryland & Massachusetts, unless specifically authorized by law.

Conducting an illegal gambling activity in Virginia, Maryland or Massachusetts may result in criminal charges being filed against you, your organization and/or its officers.  All property or money associated with illegal gambling could be subject to forfeiture.

Have you been charged with illegal gambling or being accused of being a bookie in Maryland, Massachusetts or Virginia?

Are you facing an illegal gambling charge in Maryland, Massachusetts or Virginia?

Illegal Gambling
Illegal Gambling

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  • § 18.2-331. Illegal possession, etc., of gambling device; penalty.

A person is guilty of illegal possession of a gambling device when he manufactures, sells, transports, rents, gives away, places or possesses, or conducts or negotiates any transaction affecting or designed to affect ownership, custody or use of any gambling device, believing or having reason to believe that the same is to be used in the advancement of unlawful gambling activity. Violation of any provision of this section shall constitute a Class 1 misdemeanor.

  • § 12-105. Gambling on vessel or building or other structure on or over water within the State.

(a)  Construction of section.- This section:

(1) applies notwithstanding the issuance of a license or permit through or by a county, municipal corporation, or other political subdivision of the State; and

(2) does not authorize an act that is otherwise prohibited by law.

(b)  Prohibited – Gaming device on or over waters of the State.- A person may not bet, wager, or gamble or keep, conduct, maintain, or operate a gaming device on:

(1) a vessel or a part of a vessel on water within the State, except as provided in § 6-209 of the Transportation Article; or

(2) all or a part of a building or other structure that is built on or over water within the State, if the building or other structure cannot be entered from the shore of the State by a person on foot.

(c)  Same – Keeping vessel or structure for gaming device.- To conduct, maintain, or operate a gaming device, a person may not establish, keep, rent, use, or occupy, or knowingly allow to be established, kept, rented, used, or occupied:

  • ALM GL ch. 137, § 1

Whoever, by playing at cards, dice or other game, or by betting on the sides or hands of those gaming, loses to a person so playing or betting money or goods, and pays or delivers the same or any part thereof to the winner, or whoever pays or delivers money or other thing of value to another person for or in consideration of a lottery, policy or pool ticket, certificate, check or slip, or for or in consideration of a chance of drawing or obtaining any money, prize or other thing of value in a lottery or policy game, pool or combination, or other bet, may recover such money or the value of such goods in contract; and if he does not within three months after such loss, payment or delivery, without covin or collusion, prosecute such action with effect, any other person may sue for and recover in tort treble the value thereof.